Jess Turrent

Photo of Jess Turrent Female Personal Trainer
Diploma in Personal Training Level 3
  • Proud mum who understands how to balance a busy family life.
  • Previously a size 16 smoker, Jess knows what it takes to make life changes that stick.
  • As trophy winning international bikini model knows about the level of motivation and commitment required to achieve success.

As a female personal trainer I am passionate about weight training, nutrition and fitness. I would love to introduce more people to the fitness lifestyle, and believe that you are never too old to start.

My fitness journey started late on. I wasn’t naturally sporty, I wasn’t naturally skinny and I wasn’t blessed with any sort of genetic advantage. In fact I was 29, weighed 13 stone, a smoker and a new mum. I started my fitness journey at 29, it was the first time I had ever joined a gym and by the age of 35 I was an international bikini competitor having competed 8 times, gaining 6 trophies.

Originally my aim was to be a teacher. I had gone to university, lived the lifestyle, completed my teaching and English degrees. Adopting the uni lifestyle, along the way I gained 4 stone. I found myself in an emotionally tough place, unsure of my career, a busy mum and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Needing a change and an outlet, at size 16 I joined a gym. I had always loved dance and aerobics so thought I could start with some classes.

I was spotted by a top class bikini coach. She believed in me and was convinced I had more to give. I believed it as well. I was in an unhappy place and knew this was something positive that could propel me forward. I learnt how to lift weights and the power of good nutrition. I also ran 10k races regularly and began to incorporate sprinting into my routine.

As a mum, I believe an important motivation for me is being the best I can be in fitness, for life and for my daughter. Feeling good, being productive and looking good helps me achieve that. I hope my story inspires others to do the same, ditch the sedentary lifestyle, improve your fitness, health and feel great!