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We only provide no pressure consultations, meaning you are not expected to and are under no obligation to book any training sessions unless of course you wish to.

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    About your consultation

    The consultation is a great way for you to find out more about the gym, our team of trainers and to ask any questions you may think of.

    As well as getting to know each other, we will gather some really important information so that we understand you as an individual, enabling us to ensure that each training sessions is as challenging, enjoyable, and effective for you as we can make it.


    We will have a chat about:

    • Any goals you are wanting to achieve and the motivation behind them.
    • Your current and previous exercise and activities experience.
    • Your choices in relation to eating habits, routine and lifestyle.
    • Recording any current or previous injuries and medical conditions.


    It is important for you (and us) to be able to gauge your progress and be able to see how much you have achieved. We will take some body measurements such as body fat and muscle percentage and take your blood pressure reading.

    This will be an excellent tool in the future for you to look back and see just how much you have achieved since you started.


    To plan the best possible personal training for you the next step of the consultation will be to use a posture analysis and movement assessment to understand how you move as an individual, how to deal with any current aches and pains and how to avoid any pain or discomfort in your future training.


    The trial session is a good way to make sure that fitnessology is right for you and with the consultation and assessment in place you are all set and ready to start some exercise.

    What should you wear and bring with you?

    Just wear something comfortable and if that means turning up with a T-Shirt with a hole in it and a pair of baggy shorts then that’s fine with us. We have lots of equipment in the gym but you won’t find a catwalk here.

    Some people like to bring their own water and towel. There are shower facilities available which you can use afterwards to freshen up.

    We here to support you and help remove any obstacles getting in the way of your health and fitness so if  you have any concerns or questions you can let us know.

    We provide a no-obligation fitness assessment and free trial session. Contact Us