Weight Loss and Nutrition in Chiswick

Weight Loss

We believe that your goal belongs to you as an individual. Ask 10 people how and why they have gained weight and you will get 10 different answers. So when it comes to losing weight we don’t offer you a one fits all solution. We work with you based on your lifestyle in achieving long term and sustained weight loss results. We will look at your nutritional needs, activity levels and lifestyle to support you in your weight loss journey.weightloss

The importance of nutrition

Our first step to good nutrition is gaining an understanding of what foods are good, bad and what habits we have already developed with regards to our current diet that are holding us back. Improving diet takes behavioural changes, a change in mentality as well as the necessary action to eat well. Understanding the value of eating well and the drawbacks of negative eating behaviours are a start to improving commitment to healthy eating.

Our environment

Environment is an important influence on eating. Temptation can come from your working environment, family life when eating often changes to fit in with kids and often socialising where food and drink can be at the centre of our chosen location (bars, pubs restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and delicatessens). A big help in eating right is getting the people around you on board, friends and family knowing , understanding and supporting the choice you have made to eat better in attainment of a healthier you. Having said this ultimately we have to look at our own choices, take assessment and be accountable.

Changing habits

Changing eating habits can have what could be described as fear attached to it. For a breathe moment we indulge and it feels good. Once it’s all gone, upon reflection we don’t feel as good knowing that the choice we have made has pulled us further away from attaining weight loss. However the feeling that stays with us is not negative, it’s the initial enjoyment we got whilst indulging in our treat! Try noticing what you’re thinking about just before you reach for that chocolate bar, pay attention to your mood if it’s happy or sad, have you just had an argument or maybe your tired, hungry and don’t have the patience for cooking. If you can make the intervention before this stage you will have made a crucial change in your attitude and understanding.

Eating well

You have eaten well. The scales tell you so, your body composition has improved and your clothes are feeling loser. Find a way to give yourself a pat on the back, not with food but something else, a massage, a new item of clothing a book anything that makes you feel good for all your amazing effort.

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