It is very rewarding when clients recommend our training services to friends and family and we feel proud to be able to share with you some personal stories of success and testimonials from fitnessology clients…

  • precisely what you need to achieve the goals you desire

    fitnessology is personal training catered for exactly what you want. The private studio is bright, has good equipment, and great trainers. Their friendly, step-by-step approach is precisely what you need to achieve the goals you desire. fitnessology should definitely be at the top of your list when considering getting into personal training. I had my free consultation with Leon and started my training with Simon, who are both very approachable. I’ve been going for about 3 months and it’s been really good so far. Simon’s knowledge of muscles, joints and the way the whole body works is phenomenal. He takes on board what you tell him and puts together a training program specifically for you. He pushes me every week, but also knows my limits, and can adapt a training program to suit. His attitude toward my training is fantastic and it really feels as if he wants me to achieve more, and I do!

    Arvind Ahluwalia

  • fun and expert advice

    While struggling with weight gain and injuries I knew I needed help to get me back on track I was afraid of doing the wrong things in the gym on my own and wanted a more tailored approach. Finding an experienced trainer who will build a program around your personal needs is rare these days. After a trial session with Leon I knew I was in good hands. His knowledge, care and constant motivation was and still is a great support. Leon worked around my injuries and was even in regular contact with my physiotherapist to ensure the programs were aligned. Leon’s excellent personal skills picked up on things I didn’t even realised were an issue at the time and pushed me through emotional and motivational struggles. I can’t thank Leon enough and would definitely recommend fitnessology to everyone who is looking for a personal approach, fun and expert advice.

    I. Moelans

  • hard work but effective and fun

    I have been working out with Leon at fitnessology for 10 months. In that time, Leon has helped me create new fitness goals and achieve them. His workouts are hard work but effective and fun. Leon truly wants to see you succeed and takes the time to get to know you, finding out what motivates you and gets you to the next level. If you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape, then fitnessology is the place for you.

    Jessica Pomraning

  • I have greater confidence and mental resilience

    I had already done the rounds of gyms, written programmes, YouTube fitness tutorials etc etc. A friend suggested this as a way forward.

    I started training at 105 kg and have achieved a personal best of 75 kg. But Levi has helped me to understand that weight loss is only one goal out of many which can be achieved – even ‘fitness’ can be looked at in different ways, like stamina, endurance, strength, cardio-vascular, even nutrition and lifestyle.

    It always makes Levi laugh when I say that one of my main achievements outside the gym is being able now to put my socks and pants on standing up. But there are so many differences. I pay much more attention to what I eat so that my weight is much more stable. I run up stairs and escalators. I can do walks of 40 km. Overall I have greater confidence and mental resilience based on my achievements in the training sessions.

    J. Smith

  • the personal trainers really know their stuff

    A great private personal training studio full of character. All of the personal trainers really know their stuff. I also like that its never too busy so I know that I’ll get a good workout here. I have been training with Leon I feel like I’m on my way to great results!

    Martin Nartey

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