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Boxing is very popular right now it is also a great way to build strength, stamina, burn fat, relieve stress and great for cardio plus it is great fun fitness workout as well.

“Our clients love boxing as it provides a total body workout, increases speed, improves hand to eye coordination and is a great stress reliever.” says Leon D’Elia (Amateur Boxing Association of England Boxing Tutor) and Personal Training Instructor. “Incorporating boxing into our personal training programmes means we can exercise many muscles that just wouldn’t be reached in a typical fitness class and we can develop a workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels.”

Leon has come up with a Top 10 list of benefits you can get from boxing at fitnessology:

Top 10 Benefits of boxing:

  1. Cardiovascular Health
    The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) pushes you to your limits with short, sharp bursts of energy which are great for your heart and lungs. A very different cardio experience to using the treadmill or rowing machine.
  2. Stronger Bones and Joints
    Practicing the boxing techniques works the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your bones which provides a fun way to strengthen and stabilise joints.
  3. Muscles and Tone
    When people think boxing they tend to think about the arms but punching comes from the feet and you develop the power through your legs, glutes, core and then the upper body muscles such as the chest, shoulders and back. The exercises will develop strength and the repetition provides great muscle toning.
  4. Improved Hand Eye Coordination
    OK, so most people don’t usually ask their personal trainer to help them with hand eye coordination but it is of huge benefit for sportsmen and athletes.
  5. Weight and Fat loss
    Forza supplements report that boxing comes top in the activities which burn the most calories in an hour. Boxing can burn as much as 800 calories which is even higher than Squash 748 calories, football 612 calories and running on a treadmill at only 580 calories.
  6. Improved confidence
    Yes, not only does boxing improve you physically but as you progress through the training your achievements will enhance your personal self-esteem and self-worth leading to improved confidence.
  7. Better core
    Your abdomen, back muscles, hips and pelvis are really important and boxing exercise constantly works them out leading to greater core strength.
  8. Endurance and Stamina
    If you aren’t used to any type of exercise you will find it tiring at first but in a short time you will find that the combinations of different exercises in your workouts will improve your strength and aerobic capacity at the same time resulting in an increase in stamina and endurance.
  9. Self – Defense
    Being more alert and less tired is great but you will also gain heightened senses, increased awareness of your surroundings, better body posture and improved confidence. All essential if you need to defend yourself.
  10. Stress relief and Mental Health
    Your posture and body language will change not only due to the physicality of boxing but also because the discipline will make you feel better and less stressed through the release of chemicals in your body such as endorphins and through the satisfaction of realising your achievements.

Discover why boxing workouts have become so popular in the UK.


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