Chiswick Personal Trainers

Our Team of Chiswick Personal Trainers

Our Chiswick personal trainers are some of the most experienced and well qualified in West London. The dedicated personal training studio is in the heart of Chiswick and provides a fresh and inviting environment.

You will be matched with the best personal trainer for you and your trainer will work directly with you to provide intelligent personalised workouts that are precisely tailored to your individual fitness level and goals. You will learn about fitness with proper technique and form as well as advice on nutrition. Whether you’re an athlete, seasoned exerciser or never set foot in a gym; partner with fitnessology to achieve long-term, life changing results.

  • Leon D’Elia
    Personal Trainer Leon D’Elia is a competitive boxer from Chiswick and has been involved in boxing from competing to coaching. Competing at a good standard, with the well renowned Fitzroy Lodge ABC among clubs he represented in the boxing ring. With...
  • Levi Smith
    Chiswick Personal Trainer Levi Smith writes: Sport has been a part of my life ever since I could walk. Even at an yearly age I would get the most satisfaction from being physically active. Whether it was scoring a goal, being able to complete a full bodyweight...
  • Simon Darius
    Simon is perhaps one of the most experienced and highly qualified personal trainers in West London.  He graduated with a degree in Physical Education from Manchester University in 1988 and spent the following few years coaching sports and deciding whether...
  • Bilal Hammad
    Bilal has an enthusiasm for exercise and fitness that is rarely surpassed. He lives the lifestyle and is completely dedicated. 8 years ago Bilal was studying engineering at university. During this time he was training and competing as a Thai kick boxer....
  • Jess Turrent
    As a female personal trainer I am passionate about weight training, nutrition and fitness. I would love to introduce more people to the fitness lifestyle, and believe that you are never too old to start. My fitness journey started late on. I wasn’t...

Personal Trainers – Qualifications

Our Chiswick personal trainers aren’t just passionate about health and fitness. Each of them has completed comprehensive industry recognized training courses.

As can be seen in their profiles, everyone has completed and passed a level 3 training course. Additionally, each team member has extended their qualifications with internationally and nationally recognized certifications. 

Personal Trainers – Experience

This team has some of the best experienced Chiswick Personal Trainers in the area following  their work as fitness instructors, personal trainers and managers with popular gyms such as Virgin Active and Golds Gyms.

While members of the team have achieved individual sporting success it is client success that really motivates and inspires them. Our trainers have already helped clients achieve impressive personal goals such as climbing Kilimanjaro and losing 22 pounds in 2 months.

What do you want to achieve?