Achieve your Fitness Goals

Specific Goals

How specific is your goal? It’s a common story to ask for a goal and receive a vague response; sure we know you want to lose weight but how much? You want to drop a clothing size what is the ideal size for you? We know we are starting at point ‘A’ with an aim of getting to point ‘B’ but where does point ‘B’ lie. A finely tuned goal is what really resonates with your subconscious.goalsettingcloud

The Vision

Don’t be modest, really go for what you want. We are not here to judge, we are here to motivate, believe in the vision you have for yourself and encourage you to do the same. If all you ask for is minor change that’s all you will get. Dare to ask for more, look beyond what you think you can achieve and ask for what you really want. Setting a high attainment level and understanding how to get there is a great way to stay motivated

Imagine you could have the body of your dreams, what would that look like how would you feel about yourself? Let’s say you worked really hard for the next 6 months towards a big goal. You push yourself harder then you ever have before. You tighten up on your diet you go to the gym 3, 4 or even 5 times per week. You have put effort discipline and sweat, all you got into achieving you’re goal and after everything you don’t achieve it. Ask yourself would you still be in a better position than you are now? Would you be closer to achieving what you really want? For most of us, 6 months consistent hard work would see us reaching the kind of form inspired by photos from our teenage years. So dare to think big, aim high and I guarantee you will achieve more then you had thought was possible. So I leave you with this…..


How long have you been promising you will get fit, lose weight, build muscle or simply improve your overall well-being? The time for contemplation has finished, act now, get to work and get more of what you really want

Act now, get started on your goals!

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