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A personal story of weight loss success

This personal testimonial was written by Jeremy Smith who two years ago approached fitnessology asking for help with weight loss. Two years later not only has Jeremy kept the weight off but he also recognizes the additional benefits he has achieved such as greater confidence and mental resilience.

Personal testimonial – Jeremy Smith

I first started training with Levi over two years ago at the fitnessology in Chiswick.

My main motivation for starting with a trainer was to lose weight, and increase my fitness so that I could be more active in my daily life. I had already done the rounds of gyms, written programmes, YouTube fitness tutorials etc etc. A friend suggested this as a way forward.

I started training at 105kg and have achieved a personal best of 75kg. But Levi has helped me to understand that weight loss is only one goal out of many which can be achieved – even ‘fitness’ can be looked at in different ways, like stamina, endurance, strength, cardio-vascular, even nutrition and lifestyle.

It always makes Levi laugh when I say that one of my main achievements outside the gym is being able now to put my socks and pants on standing up. But there are so many differences. I pay much more attention to what I eat so that my weight is much more stable. I run up stairs and escalators. I can do walks of 40km. Overall I have greater confidence and mental resilience based on my achievements in the training sessions.

Does a good personal trainer like Levi make all the difference? Yes – and no.

Yes – they will work you hard (I call him my torturer, not always jokingly) that is true. Our high intensity training is much stronger than anything I could ever put myself through on my own. This intensity gets real results.

Yes – Levi has the knowledge and experience to keep sessions interesting and varied, very well suited to what he knows you can achieve. I remember coming to a session after having a cold, still not feeling 100%. On the spot Levi changed all the exercises and the intensity so that I could have a productive session.

Yes – working with Levi and his constant feedback provides much needed motivation and inspiration, especially on dark cold winter nights when you would just go to bed if you were left to your own devices. That text, ‘see you at 6!’ means there is no escape.

And No – One hour, or even two hours a week will not in themselves get you to your goal. The other 166 hours of the week are down to you. The trainer can motivate and encourage but you have to work with them. They can show you the route and go with you, but it is still you who have to put in the overall time and commitment. A good trainer will always remind you that you are in charge, at the end of the day, and all the achievements are yours to be proud of.

Everyone now comments on my improved physical shape and improved mental state. I bask in their envy. It is a partnership between me, and Levi. A shared journey which has been invaluable to me. I no longer have to do it on my own, I am part of a team, and that has made all the difference. Thank you, Levi.

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