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Top 5 Benefits of Training With a Friend

Train with a friend

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One of the ways we can help you succeed is to enable you to train and workout with a friend or partner and it won’t cost you any extra.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you might want to bring your friend or partner with you:

  1. Confidence  – strength X 2

    If you are new to going to the gym and exercising it may all seem a bit daunting to you.

    Whilst many of us believe that self confidence is based on our own abilities, some studies have shown that even in elite athletes confidence is also influenced by those we are working with and that this can alter our levels of performance.

    In short, training with a friend can therefore increase confidence and sharing the experience with a friend can improve your performance and your openness to trying something new.

  2. Enjoyment – continue the fun outside the gym

    Your personal trainer will try to help you enjoy your training but exercising with a friend helps you carry on the fun outside of the gym.

    Sharing experiences and “training moments” can also help build relationships and brings people closer with training buddies finding themselves increasing their social interaction outside the gym.

    Also having a training partner means you have someone to share and celebrate those successes with!

  3. Motivation – no excuses

    Studies have repeatedly shown that people put in more effort when working with a partner. It’s easy to come up with reasons why you can’t make another five pushups but you will find that the encouragement from your friend suddenly makes it possible and you can do more than you thought.

    Not only does working out together improve your performance and durability but regularly working out with someone else increases motivation and has a positive influence on us.

  4. Commitment – nowhere to hide

    When you’ve got to the end of a busy day and things haven’t gone well, you might be thinking of giving training a miss but when you get that text from your buddy that says “see you at training!” it makes it so much harder to hide.

    You know you feel great after the workout and with nowhere to hide you are going to find you will feel great even more often.

  5. Affordability – share the benefit at half the price

    If training with a partner works for you both then just as you share the benefits why not share the cost. This can make quality professional personal training more affordable and has all these other benefits as well.

Already chosen your friend? Act now!

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