Marathon Coaching

Running a Marathon is a considerable undertaking for anyone whether a first timer or an elite athlete. It taxes both the body and mind but the sense of satisfaction and pride upon completion makes up for the discomfort you inevitably feel along the way. This is one of the reasons perhaps why running the marathon is such a popular challenge.

It could be argued that homosapiens are built to run long distances1 but our lives in the 21st century tend not to regularly challenge our inherent endurance. Even those that are very fit through running or otherwise tend not to run for hours on end. So for everyone, gaining enough endurance to complete a Marathon requires a significant amount of training.

Reach your peak with the fitnessology Marathon Coaching programmes

The fundamentals of this training process remain the same for everyone but every individual’s journey to marathon fitness is different. To begin with, the start point differs from person to person. Some may have run before, some may have not. Some may have a degree of fitness from other physical activities, others may start with a sedentary back ground. Work and lifestyle also varies from person to person and this to influences training. Along the way personal circumstances may change, perhaps making training more difficult or injury may occur forcing a reduction in training. Over a 4-6 month training program a lot can happen and being able to confidently overcome these obstacles means a greater chance of success.

This is where personal marathon coaching comes in to its own. Here at Fitnessology we have the expertise to guide you from day one to race day. No matter where you start from or what your goal is, we can help you. We will talk to you in detail about your exercise history and evaluate your starting point. We will then build you a personalised training plan and monitor your progress on a regular basis, modifying the plan when and where appropriate all with the aim of keeping you on track to achieve your goal.

1 D.M. Bramble and D.E. Lieberman, “Endurance running and the evolution of Homo” Nature,
432: 345-353, November 18, 2004.

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