Personal Fitness Training in the heart of Chiswick

free fitness consultation & trial session

We only provide no pressure consultations, meaning you are not expected to and are under no obligation to book any training sessions unless of course you wish to.


fitnessology is a personal training studio dedicated to working with people like you to achieve maximum results whatever your current fitness level.

We offer a quieter private setting avoiding the intimidation of bigger gyms and we think about you as an individual.

We can save you time and money by ditching the gym membership that doesn’t get used, costly diets that only work temporarily and those nutrition programme that are too complicated and time consuming.

We can help you give up bad habits and make better lifestyle choices.

We want you to achieve your goals with the best personal training available

Overcome the challenges of

  • Middle Aged Spread
  • Loss of Muscle and Tone
  • Menopause
  • Weight Gain
  • Lack of mobility
  • Stress of work
  • Recovery from injury
  • Non specific back pain

All fitnessolgy trainers

  • are fully qualified and insured
  • have a proven track record of delivering results
  • recognize the importance of privacy and confidentiality
  • can use their experience to keep you going when it gets tough
  • understand when you need to push and when you need to rest
  • provide a free no-obligation fitness consultation
Contact us with any questions or to discuss your requirements

We provide a no-obligation fitness assessment and free trial session. Contact Us